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ESCRS eConnect Webinar December 2022 - Overcoming complications in cataract surgery

19:30-20:30 CET

Surgical complications of cataract surgery are an inevitable part of the professional life of every cataract surgeon. Although their overall incidence has decreased with the development of contemporary surgical procedures and devices, at the same time, the expectations for the perfect postoperative outcome have increased, rendering the need for proper and timely management of surgical complications as current as ever. The panel of experts presenting at our webinar will provide you with an evidence-based overview of the most common complications cataract surgeons face and with the techniques for their optimal treatment


19:30 (CET) Short introduction

Chairs: Roberto Bellucci, Florian Kretz

19:30 - 19:42 Capsulorhexis troubles

Speaker: Vladimir Pfeifer

19:42 - 19:54 Unstable Lens

Speaker: Nic Reus

19:54 - 20:06 Pearls for dealing with posterior capsule rupture and anterior vitrectomy

Speaker: Larry Benjamin

20:06 - 20:18 Surgical tips for IOL explanation

Speaker: Sorcha Ní Dhubhghaill

20:18 - 20:30 Discussion/Conclusion led by chairs