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ESCRS eConnect Webinar - Trials and tribulations of the small pupil: achieving (and maintaining) the intraoperative mydriasis.

14 June 2023

19:30-20:30 CEST

Intraoperative miosis, an issue encountered during cataract surgery, can lead to intraoperative and postoperative complications and affect the final outcome of the phacoemulsification procedure. Join our upcoming webinar to explore the challenges of managing intraoperative miosis, as our panel of experts discusses both pharmacological and surgical solutions for the successful overcoming of this common complication.


19:30 (CEST) Short introduction

Chair: Burkhard Dick & Graziella Parisi

19:30 - 19:42

Risk factors and causes for intraoperative miosis

Speaker: Vasilios Diakonis

19:42 - 19:54 Pharmacological approach

Speaker: Anders Behndig

19:54 - 20:06 Iris hooks, mechanical stretching and viscodilatation

Speaker: Mayank Nanavaty

20:06 - 20:18 Rings and pupil-expanding devices

Speaker: Ehud Assia

20:18 - 20:30 Discussion/Conclusion led by chairs.


  • Burkhard Dick (Chair)

    Burkhard Dick


  • Graziella Parisi (Chair)

    Graziella Parisi


  • Ehud Assia (Speaker)

    Ehud Assia


  • Anders Behndig (Speaker)

    Anders Behndig


  • Vasilios Diakonis (Speaker)

    Vasilios Diakonis


  • Mayank Nanavaty (Speaker)

    Mayank Nanavaty