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ESCRS eConnect webinar: Pushing the Boundaries: Refractive Surgery in Complex Cases.

18th October 2023

19:30-20:30 CEST

Refractive surgical procedures have continually evolved with time, constantly optimizing final outcome and broadening the list of indications that can be successfully treated. Yet, certain number of cases still present multifaceted challenges that demand individualized preoperative planning, as well as advanced surgical technique. Our webinar shall navigate the complexities inherent in such cases, combining expert insights, evidenced-based approaches, and in-depth case studies. Emphasis will be placed on state-of-the-art techniques, recent innovations, and prevailing best practices needed for the best visual outcomes in these patients.


19:30 (CEST) Short introduction

Chairs: Roberto Bellucci and Thomas Kohnen

19:30 - 19:42

Farhad Hafezi - Correction of irregular astigmatism in post keratoplasty and in corneal scars

19:42 - 19:54

Suphi Taneri - Treatment options in patients with thin corneas

19:54 - 20:06

Mario Nubile - Refractive surgery in patients with OSD

20:06 - 20:18

Jose Guell - Re-treatments and postoperative enhancements after failed procedures

20:18 - 20:30



  • Roberto Bellucci (Chair)

    Roberto Bellucci


  • Thomas Kohnen (Chair)

    Thomas Kohnen


  • Farhad Hafezi (Speaker)

    Farhad Hafezi


  • Suphi Taneri (Speaker)

    Suphi Taneri


  • Mario Nubile (Speaker)

    Mario Nubile


  • Jose Guell (Speaker)

    Jose Guell